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10 facts about Spencer

August 22, 2019 No Comments
  1. Spence wears a size 9 shoe – yes, in Men’s. He is definitely going to be tall. I mean he already is 5’3″. He still wears Youth clothing sizes though!
  2. He loves video games and is really good at them.
  3. He is really good at sports, a natural athlete.
  4. Spence is sensitive to a lot of things, which I think is good as he grows to be in touch with his feelings.
  5. He has more of a type-A personality- impatient, needs to know plan beforehand, etc
  6. He is creative and good at drawing. We discovered that this past year, he loves it! He prefers to sketch.
  7. Spence is shy! He has always been super-shy since he was little, but once gets to know you he totally opens up.
  8. He is WITTY. Spence has comebacks for days and sometimes it’s useful for him and other times it may get him in trouble.
  9. He likes to skateboard and watches YouTube videos to learn tricks.
  10. A lightning bolt is like his logo. He has loved lightning bolts since he was little!

Excited to see how or if any of these change next year! You can check out Hannah’s 10 facts here.

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