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10 Fancy Sourdough Accessories

March 4, 2022 No Comments

As you get more into your sourdough journey, you might want fancy up your sourdough making. Here are 10 Fancy Sourdough Accessories that are must haves in my eyes. I love to romanticize anything I do by purchasing useful things in a “fancier or prettier” version and these do it for me in that department. When things are a aesthetically pleasing I enjoy them that much more. If you are the same way and want to pretty-fy your sourdough set up, then you will enjoy these suggestions.  

* This post does contain affiliate links that I do receive a commission from if you purchase through my links located in this blog post. Thank you for your support and I hope that you enjoy my suggestions.

  1. A Dough Whisk : If you have tried to mix your sourdough with a standard whisk, then you know how it gets all stuck inside of it and maybe you have even broken your whisk due to this. A dough whisk is built to keep the dough in the bowl and not flying everywhere. It’s more effective at mixing than a standard whisk, and so much easier to clean too.

2. A bread lame : Bread lames feel like a special sourdough accessory, as they are such a traditional sourdough tool. Used to score the bread to give it room to rise and to make pretty designs. A bread lame will have you feeling like a skilled sourdough maker in no time.

3. An heirloom style dutch oven : A cast iron heirloom style dutch oven is every sourdough bakers dream.

4. Proofing Baskets : Also known as a banneton, this basket essentially is a place for the bread dough to rest. It helps it to maintain its shape while fermenting and can even give it that artisan sourdough look.

5. Bench Scrapers : Used to cut, measure, and handle dough. This makes it easier to cook multiple loaves at once, make recipes such as biscuits. Some even double as bowl scrapers!

6. Sourdough Starter Jars, obviously you can use any jar. But having a jar with a wider mouth just makes things easier. Here are a few options. 

7. A Spatula makes it easy to scrape down the sides and stir your starter. Not a must have, but a nice to have.

8. Wide Mouth Funnel is great if you’re a messy baker. I tend to get flour everywhere, this really helps me to get the flour into the jar without making a big mess while I am feeding my starter. Plus, it comes in handing for so many other kitchen needs. 

9. A Bread Bag for storing the beautiful loaves you make. If they last long enough to store. Would make a great gift as well. 

These linen bread bags are simple in style with a draw string close.

These linen bread bags are beautiful and come in different patterns.

These organic cotton bento bags are another great option for storing your sourdough creations.

10. Linen towel tea towel bowl cover for a plastic free approach to proofing. I prefer plastic not touch my food and this a great eco-friendly option. 

This bakers couche is a traditional way of covering your loaf while it proofs.

These linen bowl covers are cute, you can buy them in a set or individually for the sizes you need.

This beautiful bowl cover is embroidered with a beautiful design and you can choose sizing on it as well.

If you need a sourdough starter, here are some options from some of my favorite small businesses and ones you can grab on Amazon too! These are dehydrated starters which are super easy to rehydrate and get going. :

This Organic Sourdough Starter from the Sourdough Sisterhood

This Whole Wheat Sourdough Starter from Cultures for Health

This Gluten Free Sourdough Starter from Cultures of Health

This San Fransisco Style Sourdough Starter from Cultures of Health

This Sourdough Starter from Ballerina Farm

This Sourdough Starter from Homestead and Chill

A couple more options you can gift :

Lastly, some good Sourdough Cook Books :

This Artisan Sourdough Made Simple cook book has almost 3,500 – 5 star reviews.

This Gluten-Free Sourdough Baking cook book is perfect for Gluten-Free bakers.

This Einkorn Recipes cook book has sourdough recipes and more. We use einkorn for our flour and love this book!

Hope that you enjoyed my suggestions, if you purchase any I would love to know what you think! Reach out via email or Instagram!

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