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10 helpful things you should know about Breastfeeding…

August 6, 2020 No Comments

Hola, I am writing this post in honor of National breastfeeding week and to share a few things about our journey with breastfeeding. Please know, that if breastfeeding wasn’t a part of your journey or was only for a short time that is totally okay. We all have our own personal journeys and you know what is best for your baby. I just want to share some tips + products that have worked for us.

At the time of this post, Nova is 2 years and 5 months – which is the longest time I have breastfed. She is a total boob monster and I am okay with it. With my older kiddos, I didn’t make it past 3-6 months with each of them. I was at a totally different stage in my life and that’s okay, each journey is different.

A common question I get is the golden ” When are you going to stop breastfeeding?” My honest answer,” I don’t know whenever we want.” That is up to us and where our journey takes us. Right now we nurse on demand. Some days it seems like it is all day and other days she only does it morning, naptime, and bedtime. There is no set plan, and I am okay with that.

10 helpful things you should know about breastfeeding:

It is HARD. Like really hard. I mean you are essentially on call, all the time.

But it is WORTH IT.

There is nothing like the bond that you and your babe will experience with your breastfeeding journey.

People will have their stupid opinions. Let them. Ignore them. Do you boo.

Your hormones will get out of wack. It is important to get your levels checked. Trust me on this, I learned the hard way.

The natural Weaning age is 2-5 years old. Yes, it is okay if your journey leads you there. Yes, it is okay if it doesn’t.

A stranger will see your boobs or nipples at some point. Embrace it. It’s natural. Cover if you want to, don’t shame those who don’t.

You’re going to want to give up on bad days, don’t. Let your self feel the feels and make a decision when your mind is clear.

You can dress cute while breastfeeding. But, you don’t have to. Things you can slide down or scoot up are easiest though.

It’s amazing and you are going to feel like the badass that you are.

A few products I like to use to help boost supply :

Legendairy milk, they’re organic and herbal based. I was attracted to them at first because their marketing is on point and I am a sucker for good marketing. All the Mama’s were raving about them so I gave them a try and loved them throughout the first year of our breastfeeding journey. When I was pumping I would use Pump Princess. For the rest of the time, my favorites were Liquid Gold & Lactavist.

Earthley Wellness has a great line also. They have a great Breastfeeding Bundle. Their Mama’s Magic Milk boost is great for nourishing your body and soothing your baby’s tummy. Which means happy Mama and happy baby. Breast Balm is a salve that can help with dry, sore nipples and can even help if baby gets thrush. The Milk Flowin Salve can help with clogged milk ducts. I love that the Earthley Wellness products are clean, herbal based, and organic!

This is what I use now to help support my body and make sure I am getting the minerals I need. It doesn’t directly help with milk supply but it does help with keeping Mama nourished so her body can do its thing.

Nothing is going to do you well like a good diet though. It is so important for you and your babe. Make sure you get your nutrients in, even if that means with a little assistance.

Smoothie Recipe to help boost supply:

3 unsolicited tips for breastfeeding:

  • Don’t stress about it, let things go with the flow. Because stressing about it is only going to mess with the milk flow.
  • If you get a clogged duct, dangle feed and massage it out. On all fours feed your baby and massage the duct while baby eats.
  • Breastmilk Pops for your babe will save your nipples.

I hope that wherever your breastfeeding journey takes you, that you know you are a badass. You are doing the best for your baby and you won’t regret it. They are only little once, enjoy the process because as you know they grow fast and won’t be cuddled up to you like this for long.

Much love + health.

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