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5 tips for making eating healthy easier, even while traveling!

February 2, 2022 No Comments

I have 5 tips for making eating healthy easier for you! Since, you have landed on this page I assume that means you are looking for tips to eat healthier.  As a family of 5 who (currently) travels full-time right now. I like to think that we have figured out ways to eat healthy that are easy enough – you can do it, even while on the road. Our health is a major priority for our family and these are some ways we make it easier on ourselves.

There are affiliate links in this post that I do earn a commission on when you click the link and make a purchase, at no extra cost to you. As always, I am grateful for your support and appreciate you using my links.

healthy tips
  1. Order staples online – This may seem like an obvious but you would be surprised at how many places don’t carry your favorite brands. We like to grab things like nut butters, broths, adventure snacks, clean treats, pasta & more from Thrive Market. Thrive Market is an online marketplace that makes healthy eating easier, delivering clean organic options to where ever you are. You do pay an annual membership ( just like you do at Costco) which can be as low as $5/month when you pay for the annual membership. We find Thrive Market to be very valuable while on the road and have already made up the membership in savings. We also like to order straight from the brands we like and have them delivered to where we are staying. You can get 40% off your first order + a free gift when you use this link. It saves us so much time & money too! We order our meat from two trusted sources that offer regenerative pasture raised meats. Our two favorites are 1915 Farm and Buy Ranch Direct.
  2. Keep a sourdough stater on hand– this one may take you out of your comfort zone a bit, but it really is easier than you think! If you didn’t know, you can make so many things with a sourdough starter. Since sourdough is a gut friendly food – you are really just adding health to your recipes. Which is why I count it! From pancakes, focaccia, flat bread, pizzas, and so much more. If you are gluten free, don’t worry you can still keep a sourdough starter. Here are some great options for SourDough Starter or GF Sourdough Starter. YouTube has some great options for learning, I like the Jovial Foods channel since we use their einkorn flour.
  3. Shop local – farmers markets, local farms, and local co-ops.  This will be easier in some areas and harder in others, as well as weather dependent on the area. It is one of our favorite ways to connect to the food we eat (until we get to have our homestead and grow our own). Which of course, we will still be checking out them anyhow! This also helps to keep our meals veggie and fruit focused. When this is not an option we just do the best we can and buy organic at the local market and wash well! Also, it helps to do a google search for local health foods stores. So far, we have been lucky to have one at every destination.
  4. Seek out local Farm to Table, Organic, and healthy restaurants so that you can still enjoy “eating local”. Eating locally is one of the best things about traveling. The community aspect of it is also huge for health. By finding somewhere that offers healthier food options you can enjoy the area like a local and stay on your healthy train. If there isn’t any options, don’t sweat it – pick somewhere that sounds good, order what makes you comfortable and enjoy every bite! Remember, no one can be perfect and enjoying places in moderation is not a big deal!
  5. Make enough food to last two meals. This helps avoid cooking burn out and makes it easier to not eat out. Soups, salads, and chili are really easy options for this. Whatever you cook, save the the leftovers to heat up the next day! I feel like this is a good time to mention that meal prep for the week would be helpful too. Chopping veggies and fruits, cooking what you can to have ready on hand for a few days. I would like to say we meal prep, but we don’t. Haha! But, I know it is very effective for keeping healthy eating on track.
farmers market
Now I know, the delivering aspect of this works for us while traveling because we have an RV kitchen. However, it could still work when you are traveling if you get a hotel room that has a kitchen or rent an Airbnb. These tips also work when you’re at home and make the delivering part a little easier, haha!

You can check out our favorite snacks that we like to order from Thrive Market, here.

Hopefully, you found these tips helpful and will find healthy eating a little less daunting by trying some of them out.

Until, next time –

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