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My fave Non-Toxic Products

July 7, 2020 No Comments
Non-Toxic Products

I appreciate your support and look forward to finding and testing more non-toxic, sustainably made products for my like-minded conscious consumer. 🙂

Please know, that I diligently research what I feel is best fits my family’s needs and may earn a commission off of affiliate links or discount codes at no extra cost to you. I hope that you will shop via my links and discount codes in order to support me.

redmonds salt shaker
Redmonds Salt Shaker
Redmonds Real Salt Unrefined Mineral Salt Refill Bag
Redmond Real Salt – Everyday use
Redmond Earth paste natural toothpaste
Redmond Earth Paste Toothpaste
Redmond Real Salt Organic Lemon Pepper Mineral Salt
Redmond Real Salt Lemon Pepper
Redmond Real Salt Organic Garlic Pepper Mineral Salt
Redmond Real Salt Garlic Pepper
Redmond Re-Lyte ElectroLyte Mix
Re-lyte Electrolytes
Hydrate Orignal Laird Superfood
Hydrate Original Laird Superfood
Leefy Organic Tumeric Supplement
Leefy Organics – Inflammation Relief
Ora Organic probiotic & prebiotic supplement
Ora Probiotic & Prebiotic
clean organic protein powder
My favorite organic protein powder that is clean
paleovalley grass fed organ complex
purO3 oil pulling solution
Bee Keeper’s Naturals Propolis Throat Spray

Pique Tea- they have other great teas too!
Aleavia Body Cleanse
Sun Shield by Earthley Wellness
Pest-Aside by Earthley Wellness
organic olivia natal nourish nursing breastfeeding supplement
Herbal minerals for the pregnant or breastfeeding nursing Mama.
Organic Olivia Digestive juice bitters spray digestive supplement
Organic Olivia Digestive Juice – a bitters spray for digestive support. Digestive supplement
Organic Olivias Mighty Minerals bioavailable minerals veggies in a bottle Supports healthy cells and tissues.
Organic Olivia’s Mighty Minerals Bioavailable Minerals Veggies in a bottle
non toxic lead free dish set corelle dishes set for 4
Non Toxic Dish Lead free set Corelle Dish set for 4
Primally Pure charcoal natural deodorant
Primally Pure Charcoal Deodorant
use code ‘ CHANTE10 ‘ for 10% off
Primally Pure Tea Tree Deodorant Natural Deodorant
Primally Pure Tea Tree Deodorant
use code ‘ CHANTE10 ‘ for 10% off
Primally Pure lip balm
Primally Pure Lip Balm
use code ‘ CHANTE10 ‘ for 10% off
Primally Pure Texturizing Dry Shampoo Natural Dry Shampoo
Primally Pure Texturizing Dry Shampoo
use code ‘ CHANTE10 ‘ for 10% off
Primally Pure Cleansing Oil organic face wash
Primally Pure Cleansing Oil
use code ‘ CHANTE10 ‘ for 10% off
Primally Pure baby bar double cleansing face wash
Primally Pure Baby Bar ( great for face wash too )
use code ‘ CHANTE10 ‘ for 10% off


I am not an affiliate of any product or service that I do not trust for use in my own home or with my children. Every product that I recommend I have personally tried and love. I will not recommend a product that I do not use, do not love, or that I have not tried. I am recommending a product to you as I would a family member or friend. It is your responsibility to do your research as well and make sure a product fits your needs. As you know, I am not a Dr. so please ask your Doctor before using any supplements I recommend, I just share what works for me and that may not work for you.

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