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Non-Toxic Shower Products

December 10, 2020 No Comments
Non-Toxic Shower Products

The products we use in our bathing process is one of the most effective and easiest ways to lower your toxin load. These are products you use daily, contain many hormone disrupters such as fragrance, Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) + more. There are many ingredients that are snuck in which we often overlook assuming it’s safe because they are on the shelf. However, if you take a deeper look – you will find it may just be causing you health issues you would never think are linked.

A great source for getting a closer look at ingredients is the Environmental Working Group. You can check out the website here, via the Skin Deep Database where you can search each ingredient which shows you a rating of toxicity. It goes into detail about the risk involved in each ingredient as well. This is a great way to get an understanding of what you are putting on your body.

Replacing our shower/bath products was one of the first steps we took to lower our toxin load. This was a little tricky at first because conventional body wash and soap suds up a lot due to the toxins in them. So finding a nice and sudsy shampoo took a handful of tries. Once we landed on these non-toxic shower must-haves, all that sudsy struggle was gone.

Here are my Top 5 recommendations for Non-Toxic Shower and Bath Products:

Non Toxic Conditioner Organic Conditioner

Carina Organics Shampoo + Conditioner is a 100% natural products, full of medicinal organics and completely free of cortisone, steroids, DEA (diethanolamine), sulfates, salt (sodium chloride), propylene glycol, aluminum, synthetic fragrances, and dyes. Not to mention smells delicious + actually works. Citrus is our favorite option with lavender coming in at second. This non-toxic shampoo and non-toxic conditioner is hands down my favorite!

Non Toxic Shampoo Organic shampoo
Non-Toxic Body wash Probiotic Body wash Non toxic body cleanser

Aleavia Body Cleanser is my favorite non-toxic body cleanser which has prebiotics that help keep the balance of the microbiome of your skin. This deeply nourishes your skin on the cellular level and draws dirt + toxins from your pores. As well as helps to stabilize pH and eliminate body odor. Once you start using this nourishing non-toxic body cleanser, you will never want to go back to conventional. You can use this for shampoo, too!

Non Toxic Body Soap Non Toxic Baby Soap Non Toxic Baby Bar
Use code CHANTE10 for 10% off

Primally Pure’s Baby Bar is made of goat milk and other gentle organic ingredients that leave the skin feeling so soft. Goat milk is loaded with Vitamin A which, which repairs damaged skin tissue and maintains healthy skin. The other ingredients soothe and moisturize while also washing away dirt and grime. We use this for face in the shower, but can be used on the body too. Use code CHANTE10 for 10% off.

Apple Cider Vinegar may sound a little crazy but it can do wonders for your hair health. It helps to balance the pH balance of your scalp. Allowing your hair to be stronger, shinier and smoother. Prevents breakage and dandruff as well. Who doesn’t want healthier hair?! I promise the smell dissipates. I do a few tablespoons of ACV and then the rest water in a 16oz spray bottle. Apply at the end of your shower on your scalp.

We love these organic towels and washcloths. They are GOTS certified which is important because they meet the global standard testing for toxic chemicals in the fibers. These chemicals can be in the fibers of your towels anywhere in the process from the farm to the production and GOTS test for it all. Chemicals found in the fibers can cause skin irritations and add to our toxic load. We also choose 100% organic cotton to avoid microplastics.

Non-Toxic Body Wash Holiday Body wash
Use Code CHANTE10 for 10% off

Primally Pure launched this holiday body wash wish smells like a delicious combination of mint and warm vanilla. Reminds me so much the holidays. It would make a great gift or stocking stuffer too! Use code CHANTE10 for 10% off.

I also love a good non-toxic body polish. I was just out at the time of this photo. Here are a handful of my favorite options:

I have been making this DIY Non-Toxic Coffee Scrub Body/ Polish for as long as I can remember. It simple and easy, you probably have the ingredients at home already too.

Non Toxic Body Scrub Non Toxic Body Polish Chasing Unicorns Body Polish
Use code CHANTE10 for 10% off

Chasin Unicorns body in Lavender is the perfect night time and de-stressing body polish. All of their scrubs smell and work amazingly. The best part is you get a keepsake crystal inside your scrub. Use code CHANTE10 for 10% off.

Non-Toxic Body scrub

This prim debauchery detox body scrub releases toxins while hydrating the skin. It treats and tones the skin, while reducing the look of stretch marks and helping with psoriasis and eczema.

This Chai Spiced Latte Body Polish by The London Grant Co. is a favorite because of my long time love for chai and its clean organic ingredients. It is great for anti-aging, cleansing antioxidants, gently exfoliating & tone skin, promote collagen production, and boost circulation.

Body Scrub Non Toxic Body Polish

This Osea Undaria Body Polish is a fine grain body scrub that smells delicious and leaves the skin super soft, smooth and deeply hydrated.

We like to keep it pretty simple with non-toxic shower products to these handful of items (alternating the non-toxic body scrubs of course)! It makes it easy to replace and keep up with. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with making the transition try replacing products as you run out. For example when your conventional shampoo runs out, replace it with a non-toxic shampoo and so forth. It makes the transition a lot easier on your and on the wallet.

If you have any questions about a product reach out and I would be happy to help. You can reach me on IG at @chante.garcia or email:

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