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Our Wedding Day

April 28, 2019 No Comments

Our Wedding Day was intimate and the setting was just perfect. We had all of our closest family and friends with us, making the moments magical and sweet.

We married abroad in Barcelona, Spain. We chose Barcelona because when we first met this is where we departed from each other. You can read more about how we met here. Both of our families have Spanish decent so this made it even more special. If you have ever been to Barcelona, you know that the city is full of history and rich with yummy food, love and life!

Barcelona is a magical city.

Getting ready on our special day.

We woke up to an unexpected thunderstorm. Rain is considered lucky on your wedding day, right? Well, luckily for us it cleared up quickly but was expected to return later. We had not planned for this as it was not in the forecast. Our wedding was in an open courtyard so we hoped it would stay away. After a rough morning of getting lost in the streets of Barcelona by myself on foot from my hair appointment to my hotel, I arrived to get ready an hour late (insert palm to face emoji here). I still feel bad because this made it so that Paul didn’t get any getting ready pictures. However, if you know me – I am always late… so naturally why wouldn’t I run late on my big day? Although, in my defense, I totally didn’t mean to. I guess it was inevitable.

Our hotel for the night is where I got ready and the view from our room was breathtaking. I decided to do my own makeup for our wedding day, which was great for me because I was able to kind of calm down from the rush of the morning. My hair wasn’t having it per usual but I didn’t even care, I just wanted it down for my cathedral veil.

Wedding look bridal details: My dress is by Calla Blanche, I purchased my dress and veil at Mary Me Bridal. My veil was made in Spain which I thought was just so special. Unfortunately, none of my florals turned out the way I had hoped, so I decided to ditch the bouquet and instead, I carried a Spanish Fan we had made in Barcelona. I loved the fact that it was different, not heavy and I could keep it for my kiddos as an heirloom piece. I hope that my girls will want to incorporate my veil or my fan into their special day since we all know that it’s not often the dress gets worn! Shoes are by Ted Baker. (fun fact: I loved my shoes but ended up only being able to wear them for an hour as I had gotten a toe infection from my wedding pedicure back home! Ended up wear flats all night which was honestly probably easier due to the cobblestone streets.) My garter and wedding dress hanger is from Etsy. You can find a similar dress hanger here. I loved the detail on my garter added a Spanish touch! For makeup, I used Laura Mercier Caviar Stick eye shadow in Cocoa to add depth. With the Diorshow Fusion Eye Shadow in 661 Meteore dabbed in the center.I lined my eyes with Marc Jacobs Beauty Matte Eye Crayon in Grapevine 63. For bronzer I used Chanel Soliel Tan De Chanel with Givenchy Healthy Glow bronzer dusted on my cheeks for a glow.

Our First Look

We had our first look at Parc Guell, a gorgeous parc that overlooks the city. Highly recommend visiting there! When we arrived at the parc there was a huge line and the workers didn’t care that it was our first look and made us wait in line. So Paul waited in the back and I waited towards the front and walked ahead until he arrived at our meeting place. During our first look, we had quite the audience watching us but you would never know from these photos. I love the way the first look photos turned out. They are some of my favorite ones! Funny sidenote: While taking the spinning photos overlooking the city we literally only had a few minutes to do it because of the crowds. During this time a tourist kept getting in our photographer’s way trying to take photos of us. He had to literally move her and elbow her out of the way! It was quite humorous. I think it was worth the shot.

Heading to the Wedding!

Parc Guell is about 30 minutes from our wedding venue Palau Requensens. Basically, we had a big hill we had to drive down via Taxi Cab. Maybe 10 minutes into our drive we got stuck in heavy traffic. Barcelona was having a protest that shut down the streets and the taxi driver told us that it might be faster if we walked. We decided to wait in the traffic and got as close as we could to the venue then booked it on foot through the streets of the Barri Gotic to our wedding. We arrived 30 minutes late and as we walked up it started to sprinkle. We couldn’t believe it. Our photographer suggested we take the opportunity to get in a few photos in until it started pouring. I am so glad we did, it allowed us to relax a bit before the ceremony and the pictures turned out gorgeous!

Then it poured rain…

So we waited for it to stop…

Our wedding planner wanted to rearrange the plans for the ceremony to inside but we decided to wait it out. After about 45 minutes we decided to just get married in the rain, and our guests didn’t oblige. Which we were so grateful for. Our wedding venue was gorgeous, the stone, the steps, and history could not go to waste.

Then suddenly the rain stopped…

Just as we started to say our vows, the rain suddenly stopped. What perfect timing it was. We said our vows, danced and cut the wedding cake!

I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.

Paulo Coelho
Our first dance to Lovesong by The Cure

We opted for a non-traditional cake. We had our baker put photos of our journey as a couple. So our wedding cake told our story. Loved the cake so much, I wish we could have kept it! Funny thing is, we never ended up getting the top of the cake from the restaurant we had our wedding night dinner at. Sure hope that’s not bad luck!

Giving him the death stare to not shove cake in my face.

One of our favorite parts of the night was walking the streets of Barcelona with our family and friends. We walked to the restaurant Los Caracoles for dinner. Where we ate traditional Spanish dishes and drank from the Parron.

Yes, I did drag my dress through the just rained in the streets of Barcelona and it was so heavy, but I didn’t even care. It was worth it.

Favorite photo of our night, Hands down.

Am I the only one who wishes their wedding night would last forever? It really did end up perfectly even after all of the chaos of the day. It had seemed like everything was working against us ( I mean even my flowers were wrong, I didn’t even carry my bouquet!). Then a deep breath, the rain stops, and everything is perfect. I could not have asked for a better wedding and I love looking back at our wedding photos and video. Our photographer did such an amazing job on both. Be sure to check out our wedding video for a better look into our wedding day. It was truly one of the most magical days of my life.

Hope you enjoyed a look into our wedding day.


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