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RV Fulltime Faves

March 15, 2022 No Comments

We have been FullTime RVing for the last 6 months and feel like at this point we have figured out things that make RV life easier. 

I have compiled my top 8 favorite full time RV life accessories listed below: 

  1. Organic Sand Cloud Turksih Towels – These are great for RV life because they dry quickly, are efficient, and are super soft. Making RV laundry time much faster ( IYKYK,RV dryers take forever)!
  2. Mounted RV Level – This is super helpful in those times that you just are not positive if your RV is level, even when you have an auto leveler. The visual bubble is affirming and nice to see visiually that things are level with that tiny little oldschool bubble.
  3. Coconut Coir Boot Scraper – Helps to take off dirt, mud, snow, and grass from your shoes so you don’t track less inside. Sustainably made and weather resistant. 
  4. Clearsource Water Filter – with water sources being unknown in each destination we travel, a good water filter is super important! The Clearsource water filter was the best we found. It is 3-stage and gets all the ick out! We use it at the main source of water supply and we also use this one under our kitchen sink for added protection. 
  5. A cute RV mat – Love a good functional and cute product! Lessen the amount of dirt tracked in and have it looking cute at the same time! Great quality and made by RV’ers.
  6. The Instant Pot – since cooking space is obviously smaller in an RV, we love our IP! We typically use it in conjuction with using the stove or oven, as you can cook almost anything in it!
  7. This power inverter for roadtrips – is a lifesaver for getting work done. Whenever we move our RV to our next location, I can get so much done on my laptop for work while driving ( well, the hubby drives, I sit passenger). It charges my laptop on the road, leaving me productive during what would be down time!
  8. RV Keyless Entry – Did you know most RV locks are universal?  It really gives us a piece of mind, knowing our RV key isn’t replicated out there. Plus, the keyless entry is super nice too! ( we use these ones for our storage areas, but keyless can be put on the storage as well). 

*Please note, this post does contain affiliate links in which I make a commission off of if you choose to purchase via my links in this post. I appreciate your support and am so grateful that you trust my recommendations.

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