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Things I have learned in my 30’s so far

August 21, 2019 No Comments

Today is my birthday and every year I like to reflect on what I have learned. This year I turned 33 and I realized well I am a little seasoned into this whole in your 30’s thing. So I thought it would be nice to kick off my birthday and launch of my blog with a little reflection on lessons I have learned in my 30’s thus far. Hope you enjoy. xo.

Life doesn’t wait for you. Like literally, the clock keeps ticking and life keeps moving. So there really never is a perfect time for anything. Which to me that means we have to be extra grateful for those moments when the timing does work out perfectly. Of course, overall, the biggest lesson with this for me is that moments really are fleeting so appreciating them is key.

Your weight, the way you look, the way you feel only matters for your health physically and mentally. We don’t have time to care about it in a vain way. We should only be taking the time to take care of ourselves and not beating ourselves up because of an extra roll or a few extra chins. Seasons of life change and its okay to have a little extra weight on or to not wear makeup all the time. Giving ourselves grace and taking care of ourselves in a healthy way is all we need.

Some things just are not meant to be, and that is okay. Just because you want something to be, does not mean it is meant to be. Being okay with moving on from something that doesn’t work out is a good thing. Life doesn’t work out the way we always want it to. It really is ever-changing. Being able to adapt and move on will serve you best. After all, we literally don’t have the time to waste on things that don’t serve us. If the end goal is meant to be it will find a way to be. Which leads me into the next lesson I have learned…

Patience really is a virtue. There is a quote that I have grown to love ” Patience is the day you plant the seed, not the day you eat the fruit.” It is all about appreciating the journey because even if it is not where you want things to be at the moment it has a purpose. There are so many things this can apply to whether it be on a professional level, family or even on a materialistic level. Sometimes waiting really is not a bad thing at all. It may not be easy to be patient at times, but most of the time whatever it is is worth the wait.

Progress over perfection. As a perfectionist, this is something that I have always had a hard time with but finally came to terms with. It is better to start just something than to wait for the right timing. Because as we all know, there never is the right timing. Whatever it is that you want to start doesn’t have to perfect to begin, because whatever is it will need adjustments no matter what. The time will pass whether you have started or whether you have waited. The difference is the time wasted. I have a ton of ideas that I have sat on due to this, that could have been accomplished by now and I could have moved on to new goals. Now I won’t wait to start, instead, I will start and learn as I go… we can’t grow unless we start from somewhere right?

Overall, the main lesson I have learned in my 30’s so far is that life really is too precious to waste time. It’s time to just go for it… we have all heard these lessons before but I finally truly understand them. My goal is to appreciate the moments more and go after the things I want without overthinking them. Paying attention to the details and cherishing time. After all the time that passes, we never get back. We can’t do over yesterday or even 5 minutes ago so may as well make the best of them.

Which really is what the essence of my blog is going to be all about. I named it ‘When Life Give Me Tacos’ because just like tacos life is messy and amazing. I want to embrace the messiness that comes with it and appreciate how amazing life really is. Just really enjoy the good every day and not just on Taco Tuesdays.

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